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Installing JEFS in Office 365
This document outlines the steps required to install JEFS in Office 365's Team Site. The Team Site used here has been created automatically when I signed up for an account. The same instructions apply if you install JEFS into a non Office 365 SharePoint 2010 environment or another site collection in Office 365.

I. Download the latest sandboxed version of JEFS from

II. Upload JEFS to the Solution Gallery and activate the solution:

  1. Sign in to the Office 365 Admin page ( and click on Manage team sites, under the Team sites and documents section. This will take you to the Site Settings page of your default Team Site.


  2. On the Site Settings page, click Go to top level settings, under the Site Collection Administration section. 
  3. On the top level Site Settings page, click Solutions, under the Galleries section.
  4. In the Ribbon, click the Solutions tab, then Upload Solution. Browse to a location where you saved the JEFS.wsp solution package and click Upload.
  5. In the Activate Solution dialog, click Activate in the Ribbon.


III. Activate JEFS feature:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Team Site (you can activate JEFS on any web in the site collection, including the root level web).
  2. Go to Site Actions - Site Settings - Manage Features.
  3. Click Activate next to the Javascript Editor for SharePoint (JEFS) feature.

  4. Click Team Site to go back to the default page. From the Ribbon, select the Page tab and click the Javascript Editor icon to launch JEFS. Alternatively you can launch JEFS from the Site Actions menu.

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LBP Feb 1, 2014 at 9:08 PM 

I followed the instructions above to install on both my VM (Windows Server 2008 R2) with Sharepoint 2010 and also on the corporate farm which is also WS2008R2 and SP 2010. The icon appears under the Page tab win the Page Actions. On hover it displays the title, but clicking on it there is no action. Above you get a window that pop's to allow you to type the JS. I don't get a window pop. It's behaving the same way on both sites. The file exists in the solution and is activated. I double checked it was active
under Site Actions>Manage site features it says 'Active' under the status column for JEFS with the button text set to 'Deactivate'. I've tried deactivating and reactivating it. Not that this would matter, but the jquery file tied to my custom master is jquery 1.10.2.