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Beta 4 simplified the way external libraries are included and managed. The goal is to have you up and running with jQuery or any other library you might want to use quickly. If you want to use jQuery and are fine with referencing it out of MS CDN, it is literally one click to select the jQuery version you want to use.

JEFS ext libs

Selecting an item will take you to another editor that will show you the autogenerated script tag. You can modify it to change the version number or point to a different location, for example you may want to use Google's CDN or reference it from your local library.

JEFS ext lib

If you need to modify the default list of libraries included in the editor, you can do so by modifying the libraries.txt file included with the list. The easiest way to do that is to open the list in windows explorer by going to \\<siteCollectionUrl>\lists\jefs

JEFS ext lib

The file contains the following array of libraries in JSON format:

	{"name": "jQuery-1.7.1 (MS)", "url": ""},	
	{"name": "jQuery-1.6.4 (MS)", "url": ""},
	{"name": "jQuery-UI-1.8.16 (MS)", "url": ""},
	{"name": "SPServices-0.6.2 (Local)", "url": "/SiteAssets/jquery.SPServices-0.6.2.js"}

You will notice that we try to use external CDNs where possible to save you a step of uploading the library to your DEV environment. In places where the library isn't available on a well known CDN, we tend to go for SiteAssets as the default location.

You can add, remove or modify existing entries to suit your own needs. Once you save the file, the editor will reload with the new set of libraries.  

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